Morningstar Flute Ensemble


Expect to hear more than just the well-known C flute from MORNINGSTAR FLUTE ENSEMBLE!

This group will amaze and delight your aural senses with the flute version of an orchestral sound, using five different instruments of the flute family.


Photograph by Mike Bus

You will hear the high-pitched, diminutive piccolo; the C flute, staple of the flute family and the instrument which comes to mind when “flute” is mentioned; the mellow and sultry alto flute; the low tones of the under-girding bass flute; and the very deep sound of the 6-foot tall contrabass flute.

The music performed by MORNINGSTAR should provide pleasure for every musical taste — from classical to contemporary, from Celtic to ragtime, from the old masters to contemporary mistresses of the art of composition.